N01 chair designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo

N01 chair designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo

We introduce a new wooden chair for the modern home and quality-conscious audience – the N01™ chair designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo. Created by the merging of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and purity, N01 brings back nature and embraces today’s modern life. A life where the dining room is not only a place to enjoy a meal but it’s also a place to be productive, a place for conversation, a place to relax from a busy workday or just everyday life.

N01 - Black

N01 – Black


Japanese and Danish design traditions have a lot in common and the new dining chair N01™ is a sublime example of this. In collaboration with the Japanese design studio Nendo we have created an armchair that is both minimalist and highly detailed.

N01 is a chair fit for the many moments we share at home, be they with our family, around our favourite meal, or working on a project that excites us. Nendo represents a design language that both complements the Fritz Hansen design DNA and at the same time challenges it with a new take on working with genuine craftsmanship.

N01 combines a seat and a back in nine layers of veneer – characteristic of the Fritz Hansen stacking chair collection – while the base is a pure and elegant interpretation of working with solid wood. Millimeter by millimeter, the wooden design is an illustration of aesthetics and functionality.

It represents a chair that is not only comfortable but stunning to look at from every angle. Nendo’s meticulous work with perfecting every centimeter is represented in the way the chair fits with the table when placed around it in a dining room setting.

N01 is a very honest design that tells the story of the warmth of wood and of uncompromising quality. Its light expression is serene and seductive and its construction is clever and crafted with Japanese perfectionism.

N01 Oak


Whilst the N01™ chair is an honest and translucent design, its meticulous attention to detail is at times hidden in the complex, well-crafted construction. The meeting between the shell and the armrests is a tale of its own.

To express a pure and noiseless appearance the joint sections are designed to look as if they are touching each other as little as possible.

At the same time, the skeleton of the chair shows immense strength and makes the design suitable for heavy use made to last for generations.

Visually, N01 is a geometric playground. Whilst all vertical lines are conic – thicker in the middle than by the ends – every horizontal line on the chair
is straight.

The versatile use of different geometric shapes adds vividness to the design. It furthermore highlights the complexity surrounding this chair and the uncompromising process of drawing, designing and crafting it. The mix of solid wood and veneer is found among this complexity.


The creation of the N01™ chair requires a meticulous attention to the construction. The chair is constructed as a puzzle consisting of 23 wood pieces in a mix of solid wood and veneer. While the chair is assembled by hand, each piece is crafted industrially at a Belgian family owned wood manufacturer founded 1924.

The puzzle-like assembling ensures that the construction rich in detail comes across as seamless as possible in the design. Uncompromising precision is key and even the smallest inaccuracies will cause the production to start over.