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The discrete and elegant lounge chair PK22 TM epitomizes the work of Poul Kjaerholm and his search for the ideal form and industrial dimension, which was always present in his designs.

The PK22 was an immediate commercial and critical success. In 1957, the chair was awarded the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale, the world’s premier design fair.

PK22 Wicker

PK22 with Diva, Spanish water dog, 12 years old.

PK22 Wicker

The prize catapulted Kjaerholm’s career to the highest level and immediately he became a name on the international scene, a position he has enjoyed ever since.

The profile of the steel frame structure on PK22 TM originates from Poul Kjaerholm’s graduation project, the “Element” chair (today known as PK25 TM ), from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen.

The frame for PK25 was designed from a single piece of steel, but for PK22 the steel structure was divided into separate elements due to design improvements and for more economical production.

PK22 TM comes with upholstery in canvas in selected colors as well as in the leather types: Suede, Classic, Rustic, Natural, White, Optical white, Elegance and Sense.

Additionally, it is available in natural wicker. The PK22 is made from one seat and back piece mounted on the steel frame.

PK22 Wicker

Poul Kjaerholm, Danish furniture architect
PK22, wicker, designed in 1957

Poul Kjaerholm 1929-1980

Poul Kjaerholm was a trained cabinet maker and continued his studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen.

He had a particular interest in different construction materials, especially steel, which he considered a natural material with the same artistic fineness as other natural materials.

Poul Kjaerholm was first employed at Fritz Hansen for about a year, where he designed a number of noteworthy chair prototypes. In 1955, Poul Kjaerholm initiated his collaboration with manufacturer Ejvind Kold Christensen, which lasted until Kjaerholm’s death in 1980.

In 1982, Fritz Hansen took over the manufacture and sales of “The Kjaerholm Collection”, which was developed over the period 1951 to 1980.

From the archives: PK22 maintenance


A five-year warranty against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and workmanship). The warranty for wicker is two years. Wear, tear and damage to the product are not covered under this warranty. A long lifetime of a piece of furniture is an important environmental factor.